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Parent Champions

Parent Champions are parents who have a positive experience of using childcare and/or supporting their child’s early learning, who act as advocates and peer advisers to other parents in their community.

Download our booklet - 'Parent Champions - who we are and what we do' 

Parent Champions - 2013-2015

For 2013-15 further funding from the Department for Education is enabling Family and Childcare Trust (new name of the merged Daycare Trust and Family and Parenting Institute) to continue the development of the Parent Champions National Network, and a new partnership with Action for Children to pilot a model specifically for Children's Centres.  In 2013/14 this pilot was rolled out in six children's centres, in Kirklees, Oldham, Oxfordshire and Sheffield, and in 2014/15 it is being rolled out to a further six centres, in Bedfordshire, Cumbria, Hampshire, Northumberland and Torbay.  This is with a view to having a model that can be rolled out nationally across all Children's Centres.

Read our leaflet for further information about our Parent Champions work.

What is a Parent Champion?

The role of a Parent Champion is to engage with parents in their community to offer information and initial support to parents. This involves using different outreach techniques to engage parents, including using drop-in information sessions and informal workshops in community locations, children’s activities such as library reading programmes, and visiting local parks, swimming pools and supermarkets. 

Parent Champions can:

  • Help parents to understand the benefits of quality childcare and early learning for their children.
  • Encourage parents to participate in early learning activities with their children.
  • Help parents to find out about and take up formal childcare places for their children.
  • Encourage parents to participate in local childcare and early learning services e.g. by volunteering to help out at play sessions, becoming a parent representative on their children’s centre advisory board. 

Projects may have specific target groups such as families eligible for free two-year old childcare places, BME families, language groups, fathers, young parents, parents of disabled children or specific geographical areas.  In this case it works well to try and recruit parent volunteers from the target group.

Watch our Parent Champion film below to hear from the Parent Champions themselves.

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Parent Champions National Network 

In February 2012 Daycare Trust launched a Parent Champions National Network. Through this we can offer free support tailored to your needs, such as:

  • Access to the Parent Champions Members Area which contains a wide range of resource materials such as role descriptions and project planners.
  • A Parent Champions scheme Implementation Toolkit.
  • Parent Champion Reference Guides for your parent volunteers.
  • Promotional materials e.g. DVD and case study booklet.
  • Initial Training for Parent Champion volunteers (usually two half-days).
  • Access to Parent Champion scheme national and regional events.
  • Planning and review advisory time from one of our consultants (up to a couple of half-days).
  • Small grants of around £1,000.
  • Potential larger grants for initiatives that contribute strategically to the wider Parent Champion work.
  • Opportunities for partnership working on special projects using the Parent Champion model.

For cross-project learning, and to demonstrate our collective impact to the Department of Education, in return we ask for:

  • Periodic short updates from the project.
  • Basic monthly statistics sent monthly or quarterly. 
  • The availability of those managing the project and the Parent Champion themselves, for occasional case studies, and other project learning.
  • The details of Parent Champions who are interested in being resource people for other projects, or to speak at events (many have already done this and really enjoyed the experience).

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If you would like to join our Parent Champions National Network, or talk about how we can support you please complete the enquiry form below, or contact:
Deborah Brodie, Project Manager,, 020 7940 7512 (Mon-Thurs) or
Chloe Alexander, Project Officer,, 020 7940 7525.

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